Does a dream catcher works ?

Does the Dream catcher work ?


    You are nevertheless a majority to be convinced of the effect (which can be qualified as not negligible) of dream catchers on your life, whether it is by improving your sleep thanks to its ability to capture and destroy nightmares. Whether it is simply by creating a spiritual space suitable for the development of your soul at home or simply by creating a unique decorative element that will even help you to open a dialogue with your guests thanks to their unique stories that we invite you to read after this article.






    Nevertheless, there are still a few skeptics who will ask themselves:

    "But does dream catcher really work?"

    And they're right to put it down!

    If you're here, you're definitely one of those people. So we'll give you a short explanation so that you can form your opinion more easily.


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    Where do dream catchers come from?

    It is a question that is complicated to answer because there are many myths lurking around these objects and their value is such that several Amerindian peoples compete for their creation and bet them, the Ojibwe and the Lakota. I personally (Amandine Malard) went to meet them in Minnesota (I also invite you to read my story), which allows me to be legitimate to tell you the story that is the most rehashed and that seems to be the most true.

    Already in the beginning, the Amerindians (and not only those of these regions) used some kind of willow circles on which they placed some symbolic ornaments such as pearls and feathers, it was a simple decoration.

    Among the Ojibwe (as among many Native American tribes), their culture is strongly influenced by spirits, the greatest example being "Asibikaashi", the goddess half woman half spider who assumed the role of great Spirit protector of souls. The role of this spirit was to watch over the Ojibwe people (according to the version I find most plausible). Nevertheless, with such protection the people could only prosper and develop at high speed. Within a few years, this tribe became the largest and most extensive in North America.

    But unfortunately it became so great that the goddess "Asibikaashi" could no longer protect them each, they were too far away and too many. Seeing that the situation during the nights was starting to get worse, the bad waves spreading at full speed and the bad dreams invading the minds, she had a brilliant idea.

    During the night, she ordered all the spiders to go and weave their webs in the centre of the decorations with a willow circle to make them real traps for nightmares.

    That's how the first dream catchers were born.

    But do the dream catchers work?

    Well it seems to work well, the bad vibes and nightmares in the air seem to be trapped by the webs that the spiders have woven.




    (Yes, according to the Amerindiens, the air is filled with both good and bad dreams and we "consume" them by breathing them in while we sleep, hence the interest in having an effective dream catch to let only the good dreams pass).

    And all these negative forces seem to be stuck in the feathers. Later, when the early morning sunlight hits the feathers, it destroys them and prevents them from returning to the air.

    A little anecdote: according to them, a bit like the philosophy of ying yang, it's all about balance, at night, the moon gives off all sorts of dreams as we have seen, whether positive or negative, whereas during the day, it's the sun that cleans up the mess. Many legends tell of Super Moon nights, nights when the moon rejects much more intense emotions that not all Dreamcatcher are able to process, well you'll see when you read the stories of those we sell.

    Do dream catchers really work?

    So in conclusion, do dream catchers really work? Well it is up to you to tell us, if these few stories about the origins of these mystical objects have made you travel and correspond to your spiritual values, then obviously they work, they will be of great use to you and as for us, they will improve your lifestyle. Whether it is by eliminating bad dreams from your nights of sleep or by broadcasting positive waves during the days. If this has convinced you, we advise you to go and see the Indian models we offer, you might be surprised!

    And if not of course do not hesitate to share this article with your friends and family to see if the dream catcher works for them!


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