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Dream Catcher for Kids : What you need to know ?


    If you're planning to put a dreamcatcher in your child's room or to give them a piece of jewelry adorned with it, you'll need to know what it is first. It is far from being a simple decoration accessory. It is a legendary object with a specific power. Dream Catcher for kid is a collection of various accessories, each with a specific meaning. Here's everything you need to know about the dreamcatcher and its benefits.



    Understanding the origin of the dream catcher for kid


    The dream catcher is a handcrafted object that has existed for centuries and is entirely related to the Amerindian culture. It was also part of the ritual objects used by North American Indians. The dream catcher is associated with several legends and here are the most famous.


    The history of the hunter


    This legend tells of the misfortune of a hunter from the Amerindian nation. His mission was to find food for his family and his tribe, and he walked for days, but to no avail. Tired, the man decided to rest in a cave, but he was greeted by an evil spirit that looked like a scary beast.


    Frightened, the hunter fled to return home. But the spirit of the beast haunted all his nights. Recurring bad dreams prevented him from sleeping. One day, the hunter returned to the forest and because of fatigue, he ended up falling asleep at the foot of a tree. When he woke up, to his astonishment, he realized that he did not have nightmares.

     girl dream catcher

    He attributed this miracle to the presence of the spider's web, adorned with the morning dew, which was near where he had fallen asleep. Back home, the hunter decided to make an object with the effigy of the spider's web that he hung in his little house. The other members of his tribe also decided to make this dream catcher to protect their families.


    The story of the spider woman


    This legend is associated with the Ojibwe tribes of Canada and speaks of a spider woman called Asibikaashi. It is believed that she was a benevolent spirit and watched over kid. The legend also says that this woman collected the first rays of sunlight and brought them back to the village through a web that she wove all night long.


    When the tribe grew in numbers, the woman was no longer able to care for all their children. She then made an object that could replace her with the little ones and thus ensure their protection. She ordered the spiders to make webs in the wooden rings. They were called sacred circles and the shamans as well as the villagers believed in their power to protect the sleep of kids and even adults. As a result, each family decided to make dream catchers for the children. They made a hoop out of willow wood with 8 stitch weaving.


    The story of the Great Spirit


    The legend of the Great Spirit also reveals the origin of the dream catcher for kid. It is associated with the Lakota tribe. According to the story, members of this tribe, young and old, had nightmares all the time. Troubled, the children found it difficult to sleep and when the sun came up, they were simply tired. A great shaman decided to invoke the spirits to identify the cause of the problem.

    boy dream catcher

    He isolated himself to meditate and met the Great Spirit of the forest. According to the great sage, the latter had the appearance of a spider and he revealed that the problem affecting the Lokota people is due to the influences of both positive and negative forces. The solution is to make a filter in the form of a woven web, whose function is to conserve positive energies.


    On returning to his people, the great sage announced to them the solution proposed by the Great Spirit. The villagers then made canvases in a sage hoop. This is how the first dream-catchers appeared. Over time, the people of the Lokota tribe improved the shape of the objects by adding feathers and ribbons.


    The Meaning of Dream Catcher for kid


    According to the natives of the Amerindian nation, the dreamcatcher is a spiritual object endowed with protective power. Indeed, the Ojibwe of North America believed that the dream catcher can actually chase away nightmares, evil spirits and negative forces. Note that it brings together several elements, each with a specific function.



    The hoop or sacred circle


    The dream catcher for kids does indeed have a hoop called the sacred circle. It represents above all the cycle of life, including all the elements around the life of men. These include the planets, the sun, the moon, fire, water and the variations of the season. The hoop also symbolizes the sun which conveys positive energies. In most cases, it is made with a branch of red sage.


    It is not an insignificant choice, because this plant has many virtues according to the beliefs of the people the Amerindian nation. Indeed, it has the power to purify souls and places. Sage is also used to ward off evil spirits.


    The weave or spider's web


    Inside the circle is the weave that looks like a spider's web. The number of contacts with the hoop varies from one dream catcher to another and it has a specific meaning. For example, a weave with 7 anchor points in the circle represents the 7 foundations of the Amerindian culture. A weave with 8 points, on the other hand, symbolizes the 8 legs of a spider.


    As for the weave made with 13 stitches, it represents the 13 phases of the moon. Note that in the center of the dream catcher for kid, there must be a hole. It serves as a passage for good dreams or positive energies. On the other hand, the spider's web has the mission to prevent nightmares, evil spirits and negative energies. It also has the power to capture the first rays of sunlight. They are true sources of peace that can bring you serenity throughout the day.


    The central pearl


    The shape of the dream catchers is different. Some of them have a pearl in the center of the weave. It alludes to the presence of the spider for some Native American tribes, especially the Lakota. The insect symbolizes the Great Spirit that the Shaman met during his meditation session. Among the Ojibwe, the bead represents the spider woman who protected the children during their sleep.


    The feathers


    A dream catcher for kids also features feathers. They symbolize lightness, softness and air. But if they are part of this object, it is because they also have a precise role. It is to allow dreams to slide down to the user of the dreamcatcher. Feathers also provide the connection between people and the Great Spirit. Sometimes the dreamcatcher is adorned with ribbons or beads. The function of these objects is to collect the dreams that have passed through the holes.



     Dream catcher for kids


    To fully understand the meaning and importance of a dream catcher, you need to know a little more about Amerindian culture. It is based on 7 very important elements.




    As previously mentioned, it is represented by feathers. The latter therefore represent the air we breathe. In other words, they symbolize life.




    They have an important place in the Amerindian culture. They can take many forms. In the dream catcher, they have the appearance of a spider.




    The Amerindians are very fond of the land, which they consider to be a breeding ground, a nurturer. Thus, for them, it deserves respect and protection. They also take care of the land so that they can leave it as an inheritance to their offspring.



    For Native Americans, these are landmarks. Their main function is to indicate the right direction. But they also have a role to play in rituals and various ceremonies.




    Native Americans believe in spirits. Moreover, the dream catcher is an object created following the request of the Great Spirit.




    In Native American culture, life follows cycles. For example, there is day and night, sun and moon, birth and death.




    The name has an important meaning in Native American culture. In most cases, it is chosen following a vision in a dream. But it is also possible to give a child the name of a loved one who has disappeared to pay tribute to him or her.



    As mentioned before, they are represented by the anchor points of the weave on the hoop of the dream catcher. The 13 phases of the moon are seen as a kind of calendar or a marker in time. For example, the moon of the Spirits corresponds to the month of January and it symbolizes the moment when the spirits dance in the sky. The ice moon corresponds to the month of March and announces the beginning of spring. On the other hand, the rice moon corresponds to the month of August and it symbolizes the time of harvest.


    The dreamcatcher for kid


    In Europe, the dream catcher is mainly an ornament, an accessory that can sublimate the decor of a room. That said, many people believe in its magical power. That's why it is often visible hanging at the entrance of houses or near windows. For some people, it represents the border between the house and the outside world. For others, it is a symbol of protection. For this reason, many parents have decided to include this handcrafted object among the decoration accessories of their child's bedroom.  In most cases, it finds a place near the bed or cradle.


    The interest of decorating a child's room with a dream catcher


    As mentioned earlier, dream catcher can block bad dreams, allowing your little one to sleep peacefully. Moreover, thanks to its feathers and beads hanging from the hoop, the object will provide beautiful images that will amaze the little one. If your child suffers from sleep disorders, placing a dreamcatcher in his room is the best solution.

    But that's not all, dreamcatcher for children are very decorative objects. Instead of placing posters, stickers or other superfluous accessories in the room, it's better to rely on the magic of the dreamcatcher. Just choose it carefully. This trendy object can bring a chic, contemporary, vintage, ethnic or bohemian style to your child's room.


    Choosing a dream catcher for your kid


    On the market, there is a wide variety of dream catchers. There are simplistic models with a more sober tone that will find a place in a teenager's bedroom and multicolored dreamcatchers for kids that will amaze the youngest. The heart-shaped, rosette or star-shaped models have many followers. But for lovers of bohemian decoration, a dreamcatcher reminiscent of a mystical dial and the Indian summer sun would be perfect. You can also bet on a model adorned with a shell.


    Dream catchers with the effigy of a totem animal to be favoured


    To decorate a children's room, a dream catcher for kid with the effigy of a totemic animal is most recommended. It usually represents an animal with mystical power. Note that each child has its own totem pole. The role of the totem pole is to help the child find the path to wisdom. It can be an eagle. Powerful and enormous, this bird symbolizes protection and power. It is also a scout who can develop a child's spiritual awareness.

    It can also be a bear, an animal that symbolizes courage and strength. A child's dream catcher with a bear can help the little one maximize self-confidence. Don't forget the wolf, a mythical animal. Intuitive, loyal and endowed with great olfactory and auditory powers, it also has good vision. A dream catcher with the effigy of a wolf symbolizes freedom and can develop the child's instincts.


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