How to clean a dream catcher ?

How to clean a dreamcatcher ?


    New question from our readers! Yes, no one talks about it because it seems obvious to everyone, a wipe and then, bam!

    But once again, the common man is mistaken and we will enlighten you on the right way to restore your dream catcher to its former glory by cleaning it so that it is all clean and looks as good as new!


    First of all, we will (as usual) refer to what the Ojibwe think about this.

    When do you clean up a dream catcher?

    Among the Ojibwe, the notion of cleanliness is already not the same basic as that of us Westerners. Just because you've rinsed with soap and removed the lather with clear water doesn't mean you're clean. 




    In their culture, there is a whole ritual to be performed, key steps to be taken and a specific order to perform them. It is only after this manipulation that one is clean. So if cleaning yourself is even different, you can imagine that cleaning a mystical object like dream catchers will be something else again!

    First, we'll try to identify a dirty dream catch:

    • Dust all over it (seems to be the base).
    • Cobwebs on it (Caution, do not touch before reading this article)
    • Negative waves (more complicated to spot)

    So we'll deal with the topics, for starters,


    If the dreamcatcher is covered with dust, there it seems to be normal, it must be cleaned, so get a cloth (preferably a soft one), and touch your dreamcatcher to remove the dust, trying to make it move as little as possible. And yes because these mystical objects take time to anchor themselves in the spiritual flows of the room and if the man's hand moves it then he takes it out of the flow (see diagram). Then the dream catcher must find another flow to spiritually anchor itself back in the room. Hence the importance of positioning it intelligently in the room so that it is "at ease" and as efficient as possible. 


    dream-catcher with dust



    So watch out! Yes, the spider is the sacred totem animal of the Ojibwe, Asibikaashi being the goddess half woman half spider who is the origin of dream catchers, she is the spirit of the protective nature who is in charge of watching over the peaceful nights of the Amerindians and other dream catchers

    So obviously, you have to be very careful with the canvases on your dream catcher. The best is preventively, to clean your room properly if you don't want spiders. If a web is made by a spider on it, don't remove it, this web strengthens the object and the fact that an arachnid is made its web on it is even without any doubt a sign that you are going to spend complicated nights and that you will need the support of the protective goddess of dreams in the near future. (Don't push away his help!)


    indian dream catcher


    Negative waves:

    If your dream catcher is "soiled" (reeked) by bad waves, a form of "spiritual filth" according to the Ojibwe. So to detect if your dream sensor is "dirty" in this way and to know how to purify it, we refer you to a blog post that helps you purify your dream catcher which deals completely with the subject. Knowing that a dream catch loaded with negative waves sees its capacities decrease and therefore you run more risks during the nights, so it's up to you.

    Here you have now all the answers about cleaning dream catchers, the inconveniences and especially the dangers, don't hesitate to tell us about your worries with your dream catchers and the subjects you would like us to deal with in our next blog posts!


    Founder of the ebsite and Ojibwe culture expert.

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