How to purify a dream catcher ?

How to purify a dream catcher?


    First of all, by "purify", we are talking about eliminating the negative waves that may have entered your dream catcher and not about getting rid of the nightmares contained in the feathers that have been accumulated during the night. (To get rid of nightmares, it is enough that the dream catcher is touched by daylight.) 

    Well, you may be in this situation, you're a young mother, your child is only a few months old, it could be a little boy or a little girl. Since you are responsible parents, you know how important it is to take good care of your offspring. You know that for newborns, it is extremely important to have a peaceful and deep sleep so that their senses develop properly. So you have made the right decision to get a dreamcatcher and you have even found out about the best place to place this new mystical object to protect the infant's sleep. 

    Except that, despite all his good deeds, your child still wakes up during the night. He doesn't seem to be hungry or thirsty, he seems to be tormented in his sleep.


    (We had to write this article when we heard all the nonsense people say about this...)


    So before you ask yourself, "Does the dream catcher really work? " or "is the dreamcatcher loaded with negative waves? and so on and so forth.  A few small parameters must already be taken into account. 


    woman smelling dream catcher



    Make sure my dream sensor needs to be purified: 

     First of all, if your dream catcher has been freshly placed, no need to wonder, a dream catcher must stay in the same place for about 3 days to a week to be well impregnated with the spiritual energy of the place (if you move it then it will have to start again from the beginning its anchorage). It is thus necessary to leave a little time and especially not to move it before judging its effectiveness.


     And the second parameter to check is simply that it is a real dream catcher with a story behind it. If your dream catcher comes from big brands like Cultura, no need to ask why it doesn't work, it's just a vulgar decorative object. We recommend that you see our dream catchers which all have a unique story that will bring real positive vibes to your everyday life. 

    Well, now that you've checked this out, and now that you have a real dream catcher that has been part of your room's spiritual energy flow for several days, and yet it doesn't seem to be working, you may ask yourself the question, "how do I purify my dream catcher? 

    There is a good chance that your dream catcher is full of negative waves (which in itself is not very dangerous because the object itself is able to channel them and thus avoid them spreading. Nevertheless, these harmful vibrations will prevent your dream catcher from properly capturing the nightmares that are in the room (Yes, because in Native American cultures like the Ojibwe and Lakota that I have personally met, at night, good and bad dreams move through the air and we breathe them in, which allows us to interpret them unconsciously, hence the interest of having a dreamcatcher to capture the bad ones and only breathe the good ones). 

    Purify my dream catcher: 

    So to purify it, there, it's the same thing, listen to us and avoid hanging around on the forums, the amount of erroneous information is overwhelming ... 

    First of all, it is perfectly useless to pray, the American Indians did not (and still do not for the most part) believe in any particular god ... They believe in the spirits and spiritual forces embodied in certain animals and other elements of nature (not to mention the spirit of nature itself). For example, the sleep-protecting spirit represented by dream catchers is "Asibikaashi", the kind of goddess who is half woman, half spider. 

    So to purify your dream catcher, already one element must be taken into account, in the Ojibwe culture, a major phrase is "all that comes from the East is good", among them, there is a great admiration for what comes from the East. So one way to purify your dream catcher is to make it blow on the wind from the East. If you have a window to the East, open it and leave it open for 24 hours (usually in 24 hours, the East wind has time to purify your dream catcher) and this allows you not to move it and thus avoid having to disturb its integration into the spiritual field of the room. 


    authentic dream catcher


    But if you don't have a window to the east, you're still going to have to move it, the ideal being to place the dream catcher outside to make sure that the east wind purifies it of its negative waves. And after a few hours, retrieve it and put it back and then wait a few days again for it to settle back into its spiritual environment. 



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