Are you a psychopath? Interpret your dreams in 5 points...

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Are you a psychopath? Interpret your dreams in 5 points...

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The interpretation of dreams is a very complex field whose seriousness has been demonstrated by the researcher psychologist Sigmund Freud.

Today we're going to see five points that show you're a psychopath through a traditional analysis of dreams and behaviour.

N°1 You often dream of falling but it doesn't scare you.

Among potential psychopaths, the dream of falling is very frequent, just approach the edge of a cliff and fall or jump out of a plane. In any case, this dream means that you have worries in your life, whether you are aware of them or not, but if the fall doesn't scare you, it's probably because you are not afraid of these "problems" deep down inside and you might even enjoy them!

N°2 You often dream of the same person

If you dream very often about the same person, it is undoubtedly that you are obsessed with him, you want to find out about him, at first sight, it is absolutely not a sign of psychopathy, but if you couple it with point N°5 and the two turn out to be in agreement, it is a sign.




N°3 You like objects with a mystical allure

You like to take care of your interior decoration, you like it to be very well cared for and filled with mystical objects, whether African masks, amulets or dream catchers, these kinds of objects make you vibrate.

No. 4 You're "afraid" to find out you're a psychopath...

Psychopathy is a phenomenon that hides in your subconscious, if you discover that you are it then it will be unmasked, psychopathy wants to remain secret so if you try to look for it it will send you fear signals so that you do not try to find out more if you are psychopathic.

N°5 You observe people's reactions when we talk about psychopathy.

When we talk about psychopathy, you want to see if there are other potential psychopaths around you, to get the answer, you are definitely a psychopath if you take the time to look at who likes, retweet or fav this kind of publication on Facebook, twitter, etc. ... and you try to analyze each person to see if they are potential psychopaths ... (One way to get the answer is to share this article and check your behavior).

Now you know the 5 points to analyze to know if you are psychopaths, do not hesitate to check each of these points in detail to see if you are.

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