Where to hang dream catcher

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Where to hang dream catcher

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It's a very good question to ask yourself, because it's really not easy to position your dream catcher when you know nothing about it but want to do it right...


In which room should you put your dream catcher?


First of all, we will answer this question which may seem silly but is not. When we look at the habits of the members of the Ojibwe tribe, we notice that when they lived in tents, the choice was not very complicated, indeed, their habitats being made up of a single "room", they did not have the hassle of choice.


Nevertheless it should be noted that this unique piece had a very specific role, this place was only meant for sleeping. The tents being real sleeping rooms, the tradition (which is perfectly logical by the way) has been preserved, even today the place that a dream catcher is still the bedroom, no matter the type of accommodation.


dog sleeping near of dream catcher


(So, yes, some will tell you that this is not true and that no matter where you place a dream catcher, it will still be effective, something to which I personally respond (as Amandine, a Native American culture enthusiast who has encountered many Ojibwe tribes such as Lakota in Minnesota and both Dakotas), that it does matter and that it is not just a tradition. Although indeed some Lakota did put dream catchers in the tents where their food was stored, these were not meant to prevent nightmares from reaching them, but simply as a precaution, to prevent their food from being "infested" with bad waves (because according to them, bad dreams and negative waves are a pair and they affect us when we inhale them either orally or respiratorily).


Now that we know in which room to put a dream catcher in priority (because, yes, the more you have, the better, that's for sure). We will now tackle the second part.




Where in his room should we hang his dream catcher?


Well that's where things get tough, amateurs will say that it is enough to place it near a window because remember, when it acts during the night, both good and bad dreams will pass through the web in the center of the circle (inspired by Asibikaashi's spider's web), the bad dreams will be held in and trapped in the feathers and it is the sunlight that will burn them in the early morning.


Seen that way, it seems obvious and easy, but it's not always the case for several reasons.


When we look at the practices of the Native American tribes, we simply notice that the tents did not have windows. (Logic you might say)


Well, let's look at where the native americans put it, they hang their dreamcatcher near the opening.


indian dream catcher in wild


So that's what you have to be inspired by, because before you can burn the nightmares, the dream catcher must already capture them, if it is placed near the window but your bed is between the door and the dream catcher, as much as it will be very little effective because the bad dreams will have perfect time to reach your mind before they are even captured by your favorite mystical object.


That's why it is necessary to find a balance for his placement, yes it is important that the daylight touches him to allow him to get rid of the bad dreams he has inside.


(It is extremely dangerous to keep a dreamcatcher in total darkness for several days at a time, these handcrafted pieces do not have an infinite storage capacity and can "overflow" and if they get damaged, for example if a feather is detached then bad dreams escape in large quantities and therefore produce many harmful spiritual waves for your mind. Above all, be very careful to let your dream catcher in light during the day).


But it's just as important to place it close to the entrances to a room, where the air passes through before it gets to you. (Be aware that even when closed, most doors still allow a large amount of air to pass through).


So place your dream catcher in a good location, right in the middle between the air intake of your room and daylight. (Avoid changing the location of this magical ornament too much, it takes several days before it fits well into its environment, if you have fun keeping it near the door since in the morning you place it near the window to eliminate nightmares, you will make it completely ineffective).


indian dream catcher


So the question is, "what if there are two air intakes" (see more), for example in the summer, it's noisy and you decide to open the window, should the dream catcher be placed near the door or window?


Well once again you have to find a happy medium, it all depends on the layout of your bedroom. Nevertheless, if we had to advise you a particular placement, to have an optimal and versatile use of your dream catcher, we advise you to place it above your bed, that way you are rather sure that it will have a good effect for your nights.


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