Dream Catcher Tattoo


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8 products

Our temporary dream catcher tattoos are ideal to know if a permanent tattoo is right for you!

What does the dream catcher tattoo mean ?

Used in many Native American tribes, the dream catcher was placed above the beds, especially those of children, to ensure protection against evil spirits. By choosing a dream catcher tattoo, you will offer yourself a lucky charm, like a shield against everything that can go wrong. In addition to this beautiful meaning, the dream catcher tattoo attracts more and more people by the beauty and complexity of its design, almost hypnotic, and by the many variations that it is possible to create. You will be able to compose it as you wish with patterns that speak to you particularly, and by choosing or not to use color.

Examples of dream catcher tattoos :

There is no shortage of dream-catcher tattoo ideas! If the most classic ones take the form of a circle decorated with a rosette with a hole in its center (to let the evil spirits through), to which are attached shamanic feathers, carriers of energy, you can let your imagination speak and integrate other motifs that carry an important meaning for you. The circle can take the form of a mandala, which helps, among other things, in meditation, or a compass, which will offer you a guide. It can also become a heart, or even a wolf's head to pay an even greater tribute to the Amerindian people and to call upon its strength of character. You are also free to associate an arrow, a flower, a flight of butterflies with your dream catcher tattoo or to inscribe the initials of people who are important in your life, real lucky charms.
There are also old school dream catcher tattoos with bright colors and shadow effects.

Where to place your dream catcher tattoo ?

Even if the location of your dream catcher tattoo will necessarily depend on the size of the chosen design, some areas of the body are particularly suitable, such as the arm, the thigh, the calf and the upper back for a large tattoo, or the wrist and the neck for a smaller tattoo.
It can also be found along the ribs under the armpit, but beware of the pain that can be somewhat acute in this area.