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Black dream catcher
Dream catcher with black feathers

Black Dream Catcher

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Join centuries of Native American cultures by sleeping under this black dream catcher, to prevent nightmares from happening.

  • Lenght: about 23 inches (60cm)
  • Manufacturing method: Handcrafted
  • Composition: hoop, woolen thread, feathers, wooden beads
  • High Quality 

This dream catcher with dark hues is accompanied by many black feathers. These feathers are, according to the Amerindians, a gift from the "Great Spirit" and the bird who, by making a feather, offers us a part of its essence, its humility and its great spirit.

A true symbol of peace, this black dream catcher can be placed above your bed, where it will capture bad dreams to store them in these beads where they will be burned in the morning at sunrise.

This black Dream Catcher will make an excellent decorative element, whether in your bedroom, in another room of your home or even outside.


 Using a Black dreamcatcher for useful dreaming :

Native Americans are fascinating in their culture. Their beliefs are based on the power of nature and the cycle of life. Outsiders would see this as a form of mysticism and magic. These indigenous North Americans, however, saw it as a true way of life.

The Native American tribes have established beliefs on concepts that are insignificant to many people. One of the first and most important of these is that of the dream. The interest that the Amerindians had for dreams went beyond the framework of fascination.

These indigenous peoples of America based their entire existence around dreams. They looked to dreams for guidance on how to carry out various tasks in their daily lives. This included hunting, farming, exploring territories and even waging war. Dreams in the reasoning of the Native American tribes thus carried a value of utility.

Everyone could dream and make interpretations that were useful to their daily lives. The most difficult decisions, however, required more informed dreams, especially those of the tribe's spiritual leader. Native Americans were so eager to find answers in their dreams that they could employ drastic means to do so. Many of them used psychotropic drugs to be sure to obtain the desired visions. On this last point, it should be pointed out that the Amerindians do not speak of dreams, but rather of visions.

The idea behind the making of our black lace dream catcher joins this Amerindian position on dreams. Like the Anaba black and white dream catcher, it remains in the sobriety. However, the dream catcher is always used to ensure the transmission of good dreams to its beneficiary when he is asleep. The bad dreams are doomed to be trapped in the web. They can thus be consumed by the rays of the sun at daybreak.

It should also be noted that the Amerindians do not necessarily see bad dreams as nightmares. Visions that can create terror in a person while they are sleeping fit the definition of a nightmare. Bad dreams, on the other hand, refer to any vision that would be of no use to the dreamer. This black lace dreamcatcher, like any other dreamcatcher, however, protects you from bad dreams like nightmares.

Black lace dreamcatcher : Handmade with natural materials

The Native Americans did not really have sophisticated means when they made the first dreamcatchers. They found all the necessary resources for their daily life in nature. They also had an admirable technique for creating objects of all kinds.

The dream catchers, in their original concept, were in this case craft creations. Their concept is very similar to that of snowshoes used for walking in the snow. First of all, there is a hoop made of willow wood that is bent to form a perfect circle. This perfect circle shape is very important because it is supposed to symbolize the circle of life. There are also the canvas ropes made with plant fibers and animal sinews. For this model or for another more colorful one (brown piere dream catcher, light blue Wapi dream catcher...), there are always the ornaments like feathers, beads and animal bones.

Each element of the dream catcher has a special meaning for the effect it is meant to have. The hoop is made from red willow, as this wood symbolizes love to Native Americans. The canvas must have at least seven points to represent the seven main principles of Native American culture. The ornaments are recurrent objects in the Native American rituals.

Feathers, in particular, have considerable symbolism in the Amerindian culture. They have the same value for them as a national flag for the nation concerned. In addition, feathers act as a cushion for good dreams as part of a dream catcher. They allow the good dreams to gently descend from the canvas to the sleeper. On this black lace dream catcher, the feathers are painted black, like those of a raven. In Native American beliefs, this symbolizes balance, resilience, mischief and experience.

Beads can have two different functions in the symbolism of an item like our black lace dreamcat. One of the dreamcatcher beads is placed in the center of the web to symbolize a spider. It is more precisely a representation of the protective spirit behind this object. For the Native American Ojibwe tribe, this protective entity is Asibikaashi, the 'spider woman'. For the Lakota tribe of North and South Dakota, it is the spiritual leader Iktomi.

The other dream catcher beads are thought to represent bad dreams. This is the case when the beads are placed on the web of the dream catcher. The beads placed before the tip of the feathers of a dream catcher are only decorative. The black lace dream catcher has several of these decorative beads on each of its feathers.

Animal bones are very common on ritual objects and Native American charms. They are however less used on modern fabrications such as this black lace dream catcher for the protection of animals. The bones bring an additional symbolism to the dream catcher according to the chosen animal. This choice is defined according to the sex and the personality of the individual.

Dream catcher lace in black: Embroidered lace cloth and black uniform

The black lace dream catcher has black in its design. Black is a very powerful color for Native Americans. It is a symbol of strength, aggressiveness, power and success. This is why Native American warriors often wear black on their faces when they go to war. Black is also used to symbolize victory.

The black lace reve attractor is 8 inches wide and 23 inches long. It remains in the standard of the traditional models of artisanal manufacture. The lace also adds a more pronounced decorative effect to the concept of our black lace dream catcher. The fabric is notably woven in a mosaic style with motifs evoking nature and fertility.

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